Based in Baltimore

Baltimore’s gorgeous inner harbor area set against the Atlantic, it’s rich history, it’s endearing moniker (Charm City), not to mention the unique accents and local culture combined with some of the best crab you’ll ever come by, makes Baltimore not only a one of kind place to live, but as inspired authors and Hollywood studios have noticed, a great setting for a story. Baltimore brings to the table the same amenities of nearly any big city, but with the subtle intricacies and inimitable feel you just can’t find anywhere else. As a result, Baltimore’s culture is pervading more and more onto the big and small screen in recent years, along with the city’s proximity to the nation’s capital, which can make for interesting plot twists. If you’ve never been to Baltimore, you don’t have to look it up on a map, rather check your bookshelf and/or DVD rack:Books“Homicide: Life on the Street” & “The Wire” by David Simon (later turned into the critically acclaimed HBO series The Wire “Silence of the Lambs” by Thomas Harris (the location of Hannibal Lecter’s psychiactic practice prior to incarceration)”Tarzan of the Apes” by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Obviously the jungle was elsewhere, however, Jane hailed from Baltimore, with the Baltimore streets serving as Tarzan’s first steps on American soil)”The Accidental Tourist” by Anne Tyler (a Baltimore local)”The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” by F. Scott Fitzgerald (as an elderly Benjamin’s birthplace)”The Sum of All Fears” by Tom Clancy (turned into a film by the same name)MoviesAnd Justice For All, 1979 (Al Pacino’s famous words, “You’re out of order! You’re out of order! The whole trial is out of order! They’re out of order!” ring wide across the city)As Good As it Gets, 1998 (A writing Jack Nicholson, single mother Helen Hunt and homosexual Greg Kinnear take an trip from Brooklyn to Baltimore in this romantic dramedy)Enemy of the State, 1998 (Will Smith must save his family from a political conspiracy)Hairspray, 1988 & 2007 (the musical is also a Baltimore based show)He’s Just Not That Into You, 2009 (a big name cast explores the Baltimore dating world)Ladder 49, 2004 (John Travolta and Joaqun Phoenix pay tribute to Baltimore’s Fire Department)Live Free or Die Hard, 2007 (Bruce Willis takes downtown by storm in usual fashion)Silence of the Lambs & Sum of all Fears (as mentioned above)note, this is not an exclusive list of all literature significantly influenced by the city, merely a selection of popular titles, readers and movie-goers are sure to recognize