The Tallest Buildings in Baltimore

Some of the tallest buildings are located right in the city of Baltimore. There are so many tall buildings that you will be able to see if you were ever to visit the city. The tallest building in the city of Baltimore is actually the Legg Mason Building. This is a 40 story building which stands about 529 feet high. Another tall building in Baltimore is known as the Fidelity Building. This building has history because it is known to be the first high rise building in the city itself.Check out this link here. The Baltimore World Trade Center is another tall building that many people can see if they were to ever visit the city. The two tallest buildings stand at least 500 feet or more in Baltimore. There is a building that is under construction now in Baltimore which is known as the Four Seasons Baltimore and Residences. It is going to be 495 feet and have about 44 stories when it is completed. There are so many tall buildings in Baltimore. They all serve a different purpose, and they all have long history behind them. Baltimore is a big city full of many different buildings, but only the best stand tall.

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