Best Baltimore Activities for Families

If you’ve been considering a move to Baltimore but aren’t sure how much there is to do, don’t fear! There are tons of great places here for families to enjoy and if you’ve got Satellite Star Internet you can research them from home before you even make it to Maryland. Here are a few of our favorites
National Aquarium: this will come as no surprise but kids love animals! The national aquarium is one of the best in the country and it makes a great day trip for families particularly in the winter when the weather outside’s less bearable for your children.
Petterson Park: This great city park is 155 acres of some of the most fertile grass around and there’s lots of room for sports and picnics. Dubbed America’s Best Backyard, Petterson Park is one of Baltimore’s greatest assets.
The Crosswinds: Bet you didn’t imagine Baltimore would have an amazing indoor water park! It’s great for the kids and for adults since summers here can get hotter than you might expect. Bring a suit but leave the sunscreen at home!

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