Best Crab Cakes in Baltimore

With the capital of the most powerful country in the world just an hour to its south and the central hub of global business and entertainment to its north, one might think the humble city of Baltimore might suffer from an identity crisis. Instead, Baltimore takes pride in its unique history and quirky local flavor, a place where “Hon’” is used to amicably greet females in a subtly endearing accent and crab cakes have come to serve as more than mere delicacy but a cultural icon. With a huge supply of crabs just off shore in the Chesapeake Bay, the fortunes of Baltimore and its crawling bay critters have been inseparable since its initial sea port was created in the early 1700′s. With almost three hundred years of history, and an uncountable total of cooked crabs to show for it, it’s safe to say Baltimore chefs have perfected the crab cake art, with these 3 restaurants standing out as the cream of the crop.

  1. Faidley Seafood Your choice between the large 6.5 ounce jumbo lump crab cake or the smaller 4 ounce claw meat crab cake will provide a snack for varying appetites. These creamy crab cakes use Old Bay and mayonnaise-based binder to complement the fresh crab taste in a recipe that’s been famous since 1987.
  2. Pappas Seafood Company Pappas takes an old school approach to their 6 ounce crab cakes, with little auxiliary sauce or flavoring to augment the lightly crisped crab cakes, complete with jumbo lumps bolstering the succulent inside. Sticking with the same recipe since 1972, Pappas has found little reason to change what some say is crab cake perfection.
  3. Pierpoint This 5 ounce crab cake satisfies palettes in a distinctly different way compared to the thousands of dishes across the city. Pierpoint’s cakes are smoked in fruitwood, providing even more depth of savory goodness without compromising the essential crab essence.

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