Where the Inner Harbor Meets Baseball History

Baseball fans make their pilgrimages as much as any religious group, and Baltimore is one of the most important stops on a fan’s list. While Baltimore’s Inner Harbor has been celebrated for decades, the crown jewel of the area may be Camden Yards, home of the Orioles, which opened in 1992.A classic-style ballpark with all the modern amenities, Camden Yards in many ways began the revival of baseball stadiums around the major leagues. Cities like Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Houston and Cincinnati have all followed suit and tried to evoke the Golden Era of baseball as Camden Yards did.However, there are many things about Camden Yards which cannot be duplicated. For one, Camden Yards has an old warehouse as its backdrop, one which legend (and a good deal of fact) has identified as the stomping grounds of none other than George Herman ‘Babe’ Ruth. Ruth haunted this neighborhood as a child, and Baltimore’s famous son still the most important figure in baseball history lives on in the imagination of every fan that walk through the gates at Camden Yards.If you visit Camden Yards, you might wonder where the gates are at all. The most unique feature of this ballpark is the way fans enter. Ticketholders pass through the gate one block away from the stadium which serves as the de facto entrance. Once you are on this street, you pass in between the warehouse on the left and the stadium itself down on the right. Fans literally walk off the street and down into an open Camden Yards, in stark contrast to all of the ascending which is normal for fans at a stadium.Is Camden Yards the best stadium in baseball? While new Yankee Stadium has all the glamour, Fenway Park and Wrigley Field all the history, Camden Yards has combined the two so well you can say it’s the best modern ballpark in the classic, and definitely one of Baltimore’s treasures.

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